Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 5

I have not blogged in a couple of days so I will do my best to remember all of the activities. Friday morning, we went on a sunrise shoot at Lake Ponchartrain where I encountered a chronic case of lens fogging that did not subside until several minutes after we got there. I did continue to take photographs through the fogged lens and actually found that they look pretty interesting; they are posted below.

After lunch, we went to Algiers in search of a Vietnamese garden that we never found BUT we spotted a taqueria that I was able to photograph. Thank you Peter and Amanda for being patient while I photographed! Here are a couple of photographs of that taqueria.

After dinner, Colleen, Amanda, and I took some sunset shots. You cannot call the sky by the way, in case anyone attempts to try. We picked up Peter, then Micah and Nick (I was the camera woman and got tons of footage of picking them all up). That is all for now--I will continue catching up later but my bed is calling for me. 

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